Facilities and Services at Manasvardhan –

  1. Infrastructure and Medical Expertise
  2. Residential facility for men and women
  3. Food Services
  4. Library facility
  5. AA/ NA meetings- we take addicts to the Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous meetings also we conduct in-house meetings so that later on they seek help from AA/NA meetings.
  6. Individual Counseling
  7. Group Therapy
  8. Confrontation Sessions
  9. Vocational Training
  10. Follow Up with Patients
  11. Yoga and Meditation
  12. Free counseling for socio economically backward persons.
  13. Rehabilitation of patients
  14. Self help group meetings, indoor and outdoor
  15. Drum and Art based Therapy
  16. Hosting of Cultural Programs
  17. Awareness Program
  18. Picnic and Outings
  19. Dairy Project
  20. Individual Counseling to patients and its family members
  21. Group therapy
  22. Pre Discharge Counseling
  23. Reading and writing sessions
  24. Addicts/Parents meetings are conducted on the fourth Saturday of every month.
  25. Meetings for parents of Mental Patients- In this we make parents/relatives aware about their illness, the course of treatment and the illness prognosis.