Manasvardhan Foundation was established on 10th October1991 by Dr S.P. Ratnaparkhi. Manasvardhan Center was started on 9th January, 1992 in a small flat at Kothrud with only five patients, all of whom were addicts. Soon after, in the same year the centre was shifted to an independent building in Pimpale Nilakh, Doctors Colony, Near Jagtap Dairy with a capacity of 40 beds.

The number of patients increased and there was improvement in them. But some of the recovering patients had no home. This was the time when the idea of a rehabilitation ‘FARM‘ germinated. Within a year. The centre was opened at a Farm House in Bhukum, Khatpewadi. This center was for those who had achieved a certain level of independence but still had some problems. They formed a therapeutic community where the patients managed the entire show with guidance from Dr Ratnaprakhi and the counselors. At the Farm they learned to take responsibility of dairy project, they also took care of themselves as well as other patients. The Farm spreads over several acres of land. It has proved to be a unique establishment and has had excellent results over the years.

With the increasing awareness and resultant demand for treatment of mental illness and addiction, a new centre was opened at Balewadi in the year 2001. The centre caters to the needs of 100 plus patients. The old centre was later modified and simultaneously a separate facility for female patients was set up.

Today, Manasvardhan stands at the forefront of the battle against addiction. With a scientific approach to the treatment of addiction and mental health problems we help in increasing their awareness about their problems. This helps their life to be meaningful and they become useful citizens of society. A similar approach has also been adopted for their families.